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The Stone Dispensary is Denver’s premier medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. We started with a commitment to offering a vast array of exclusive products showcasing quality choices and accommodating the unique, personal needs of each of our medical marijuana patients. Our services now extend beyond our medicinal patients, as we are pleased to serve recreational customers devoted to high-quality cannabis products. The Stone Dispensary offers an intimate, relaxing, and safe atmosphere for patients who favor a natural approach to healing and living.

Our mission goes beyond providing you with product excellence. We are committed to helping customers cultivate ongoing knowledge enabling you to discover the best products for your personal needs. We make sure our patients receive the most reliable information to make great choices about their healthcare. We heavily invest in educating the Colorado community about the benefits of cannabis. As part of our commitment to our patients and customers, we test all of our cannabis with CannLabs. We would love for you to read our testing results and see what makes us so proud.

Our clients are constantly praising The Stone Dispensary for not only the quality of products we offer, but also the high level of service, privacy, and respect they receive. We would love for you to stop by our location and get a feel for why we are the top Denver dispensary for all things medical and recreational marijuana in Colorado.


4820 Morrison Rd, Denver, CO 80219

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Ryan’s Favorite Item

Why We Love The Stone!

The Stone in Denver is one of my favorite places to get service and product.

One of my favorite things to get there are the activated gram of oil syringes. They usually have about 750mg of Thc. Because it is activated already and no heat is needed, I put on a cashew and have a good time.

I have learned if you eat fresh fatty food it will enhance your buzz.

Each Budtender takes their time with every person they get to assist.

The Stone has private parking and a great rewards program.

The prices offered by The Stone are so amazing people come from all over to shop and save.

The Stone has a large variety of Everything.

Oh Yeah and when you mention Chill420 as a first time visitor, you get a Penny Joint Denver!


Watch Ryan rip this bong with flower from
the stone

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