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There are many reasons I feel marijuana should be legal when consumed Responsibly.

Legalizing cannabis provides an opportunity to put in place regulations to minimize potential harms.

The legalization of cannabis also provides us with openings to engage in honest and thoughtful discussions about drug use with our families and communities.

There are so many benefits to buying weed at a dispensary. First, they have hours, unlike your dealer who is maybe down the street?And you never have to worry you’re buying from an undercover cop and that you’re about to go to jail.

Meeting people is hard. I remember when I lived in the suburbs of Chicago and getting marijuana was not necessarily a safe adventure. Being that weed was not legal to buy, I had to find people that would sell it to me on the street. This is where the fun would come in. I would meet random people at random places and I have even gotten into cars of people I didn’t know and ride around the block while they sold me my weed. I put myself in dangerous situations not only with the people I was buying from but also law enforcement.

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Ryan Andersen

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