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Should you grow marijuana indoors or outside?

View this article that gives the good and bad for both.

CBD vs. THC: What’s the Difference?

Read this article and learn which one is what you are seeking.

Did You Know Marijuana Can Help You in Alcohol Recovery

Meet Neil Firszt.

Neil is a published author that has recovered from Alcoholism.

the cure for alcoholism
Many people have the idea that once you stop drinking that everything else is off limits no matter how non-addictive it is, or how much it can help. Many people are basing their beliefs on old and uneducated ideas like Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No”
hemp vs marijuana

Why Is Marijuana Also Called Pot?

marijuana consumed legal
marijuana legal
There are many reasons I feel marijuana should be legal when consumed responsibly.
It should Not have to be like this.
Wavy Net
Are you curious about what does it feel like to be high? Read this Article by “Dan” someone that has not been high and was curious and wrote about it for us.
Driving Uphill

What does it feel like to be high?

Smoking, ingesting, or vaping marijuana can make you high or “stoned.” If you’ve never tried marijuana, you might wonder what it feels like

Should I smoke weed

fast fact
Should you smoke pot
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